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    About Company

    Avyukta Intellicall predictive dialer software helps optimize your customer contact process. Discover how our predictive dialer can help your business maximize.

    VoIP solution is truly a blessing for small businesses and you could achieve significant cost savings with this technique.

    Strategy & Analysis 88%
    Economic growth 95%
    Goals achieved 70%
    We are helping to grow
    your business.

    “More affordable, More portable, More effective, More efficient, More productive, Call Center Solutions are sure to boost your company’s bottom line.”

    AVYUKTA INTELLICALL is the best and complete dialer and call center solution providing all of the features and functionalities you need to operate a highly successful and profitable call center strategy from the past 14+ yrs. Our only aim is to provide the best hosted predictive dialer, VoIP services to our customers across the globe. Our call center dialer software is based on the latest technology and the best globally, having setups in 9+ countries like UK, US, Philippines etc.

    What we do?

    Avyukta Intellicall provides innovative, effective and high quality Call Center services such as Dialer software, IVR, CRM solutions to the customers worldwide.

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    Don't compare with freelancers and WFH vendors who might not pick call/s while you drop 13000 INR sales for a downtime.

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    Avyukta center attains stability under single roof.

    Our Services

    Avyukta Intellicall is a leading provider of End to End Call Center Dialer Vendor and serving multiple customers of different verticals for the last 14+ years.

    Predictive dialer

    A predictive dialer dials a listing of telephone numbers and connects answered dials to people making calls, often mentioned as agents. Predictive dialers use statistical algorithms to attenuate the time that agents.


    VoIP, also called IP telephony, maybe a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks US, Canada, Australia, UK, Philippines, Africa, Brazil, etc.

    CRM Solution

    Customer relationship management (CRM) may be a process during which a business or other organization administers its interactions with customers, typically using data analysis to review large amounts of data.

    ViciDial Solutions

    GOautodial is an open supply net primarily based software system and incoming IVR. On that you can build a telephone system for your call centre. It allows open supply prognostic dialer and incoming IVR.

    Cloud Telephony

    SMS E-mail Notification: Stay up-to-date with email or SMS alerts for new voicemails. Unified Management allows you to add or delete numbers and modify settings from a single panel.


    A private branch exchange acts as the central switching system for phone calls in the business, switches calls between users on local lines while allowing users to share a certain number of phone.

    Our Features

    What does the “Dialer Suite” Include?

    1. PC Less/based CRM based Predictive / Progressive / Manual Outbound Dialer “ONLY LIVE HELLO CALLS” to enable 4 X Calls/Agent/Day wrt Manual Dialing on CRM with Auditing / Reporting
    2. Default Agent Pop Up and Disposition CRM / Admin Supervisor CRM / MIS Integration
    3. Campaign / DID / /Customer Care Inbound ACD Pre / Post IVRS Tree/s, Cater to up to 80% of your client queries without Human Interaction
    4. Custom* : CRM / API Integration for SMS , Email , Zoho , Sales force , SugarCRM , Lead Squared , Bitrix , e- Commerce Portals and Websites or Cloud Telephony
    Predictive dialer



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    OS Installed


    We offer tailor made customized dialer solutions to customers.


    720 INR

    • Rent a Dialer starting @ 720 INR
    • Purchase a Dialer starting @ 5200 INR
    • EMI A Dialer starting @ 1440 INR
    • Add a hosted/virtual/cloud server starting @ 3600 INR for no local server handling hassles.
    • Cover Risks and prevent assets becoming possible liabilities in future worst scenarios.

    Unlimited Model

    3600 INR

    • up to 4 channels per seat for better pacing.
    • Meant for standard 8-9 hr shift.
    • Add a hosted/virtual/cloud server starting @ 3600 INR for no local server handling hassles.
    • 5500 INR as one time setup installation and training charges.
    • Fair usage policy applicable.

    Retail Model

    3600 INR

    • Rent A Dialer starting @ 720 INR
    • Purchase A Dialer starting @ 5200 INR
    • EMI A Dialer starting @ 1500 INR
    • Add a hosted/ virtual/cloud server starting @ 3600 INR for no local server handling hassles.
    • 5500 INR as one time setup installation and training

    Our Clients

    Our Affilates

    Architecture Model

    In all cases client needs to have a valid license and other compliances resolved at their end, We would merely be a technology vendor wrt the same for asterisk and Dialer consultancy/Ies. In Domestic Hosted Case/s client needs to have separate compliances issues resolved for the concerned architecture for regular intraoffice-IPPX connectivity/Ies.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Avyukta Intellicall: Yes, but only once the commercials are frozen, Please select the model and click on order , or alternatively find the Demo Request Form

    Avyukta Intellicall: Customer Information Form Pre Installation Check List- International Call Center Pre Installation Check List- DomesticCall Center

    Avyukta Intellicall: Click here to download the Dialer Snapshots, Please put the password as dialerindia123 once prompted

    Avyukta Intellicall: We use 3 categories of the Dialer Solution, We are one of the unique vendors who procure both Hardware based and Software based Dialers , Hardware based Solutions are suggested to centers with more than 80 Seats for cost mitigation reasons, However the feature list can be found here , See the Feature list.

    Avyukta Intellicall: For VoIP we use only A Grade VoIP Routes backup routes for every client , However A Grade Routes are also possible with at approximately 10% higher price/s on demand. For Predictive or Hosted or Cloud or Virtual Server Solutions we are currently using 6 Dedicated Server based in A Grade COLOs and Data Centers each with at least 100 MB of Premium Bandwidth and at least 20 TB or transfers , Also these servers are Dual Xeon Quad Cores with 16 GB RAM or higher and RAID Setups of 1 TB or higher.

    Avyukta Intellicall: We try to keep our prices as low as possible and try to be the best value for money vendor across the globe if not the best yet, Due to the huge VoIP traffic and Cloud infrastructure that we have , we are able to get bulk orders on better rates from Tier 1 Suppliers on a win win model and then suffice clients expected techno commercial levels on a win win at the same time , Years of such perseverance with working slightly above BEP levels gives us an opportunity to eat major market share by the end of 2014 without compromising on QOS Parameters. As far as negotiations are concerned it is inversely proportional to the volume and the hours consumed with support since HR is not only our major strength but cost as well , We are working on a system where a there is a “One Week ‘Voice + Chat’ Support and then ‘Chat Only’ Support is offered to offer further competitive pricing.

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